Imuäänenvaimennin suodattimella “NOX2” 23mm CIK/FIA (OK-OKJ luokkiin)

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Imuäänenvaimennin suodattimella “NOX2” 23mm pun/musta 


Viimeisin CIK/FIA luokitus: 005-SI-86 Validity 2019-2021

The filter cartridge used for the NOX2 noise filter is made of polyester and can be cleaned with solvents, gasoline and compressed air. 
This cartridge has a filtering of particles of more than 10µm (10 thousandths of a millimeter) and it is evaluated as the best compromise between air flow and air cleaning. 
The new cartridge has a reed barrier to modify the air flow and reduce the turbulence inside the airbox. 
The new inlet pipes have a better Venturi effect with a better performance. 
– CIK/FIA Homologation: 005-SI-86 Validity 2019-2021 
– Väri: Punainen runko-osa, Mustat imuputket
– Imuputket: 23mm 
– Netto paino: 987gr 
– Laatikko koko: 33x21x16cm


Paino 1.2 kg
Mitat 33 × 21 × 16 cm