Exprit Noesis R 2019

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Runko Exprit Noesis R 2019 


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Kilpailuluokat: OKJ, OK, X30 Cadett/Junior/Senior/Master sekä Rotax Junior/Senior/Master

30mm runkoputki. Helppo rungon säädettävyys sekä säädettävät polkimet. Toimitetaan OTKn magnesium osilla, M6 katesarjalla sekä M7 rattikatteella ja 2019 mallin tarrasarjalla. Jarrulevyn koko valittavissa joko 180mm tai 206mm. Uudistettu pohjalevyn profiili.


  • iso jarru 206mm +79:-
  • Unipro-Aim-Dakton mittariteline +54:-
  • Alfano mittariteline 54:-
  • Penkin pulttien turvaprikat +3:-/kpl
  • Ylivuotosäiliö +6,55
  • Ylivuotosäiliön kiinnitysteline +5,50




The evolution presented for the model Noesis R is reaching high evolution and refinement level, never obtained before.
Under the technical profile, the bare frame geometries of Noesis R remain unchanged and are realized with Molybdenum Chrome tubes, Ø 30mm .
Interesting technical innovations concern the componentry, evolved and developed thanks to the Research and Development department of the OTK Kart Group.
Noesis R present many interesting innovations, especially regarding the components, such as the new HGS high grip steering wheel with inclined steering boss hub, the integrated floor plate and the new M7 nassau panel, supplied as standard on this model.
The braking system equipping the direct-drive chassis, is the BSD.
The aerodynamic development achieved with a careful study carried out by the technicians of the Research and Development Department of the OTK Kart Group is very important. The height of this work is the M7 nassau panel, whose shapes are characterized by a unique design, clearly showing revolutionary solutions for karting.
The M7 nassau panel was designed along with the integrated floor plate, a special type of floor plate whose configuration completely seals the frame frontal areal, considerably improving the aerodynamic output, especially on high speed tracks.
The whole work of the R&D department of the OTK Kart Group brought innovations also on components, such as the steering wheel, giving birth to the HSG project.
This special steering wheel is provided with a special high grip rubber; materials and shapes are coupled in order to improve the grip during the binding race stages.
The inclined steering boss hub is provided along with the new steering wheel, which allows further adjustment and a better driving position.
As far as the shifter categories are concerned, on the Noesis R models the braking system is the BSS, characterized by one-piece front calipers with 4 22 mm Ø pistons. The specifications of BSS braking system make braking powerful in all conditions and adjustable.