Ajanottolaite Alfano 6 2T KIT

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Ajanottolaite Alfano 6 2T KIT.

Alfano presents Alfano6 data acquisition system. A concentrate of technology and reliability at the service of the amateur driver to the professional. From design to production, the Alfano6 has been designed for ease of use that will surprise you.

Delivered with :

– A4510 cable for USB charger type A, (Attention: this cable is not suitable for data downloads).
– A1600 RPM sensor.
– A2101 NTC water temperature sensor, metric 10×1, 45cm.
– A2151 Exhaust temperature sensor K. (This ultra sensitive sensor is the best on the market, it allows to quickly and accurately measure the exhaust gas temperatures, an important tool to adjust the carburation, OTK Tonykart uses this sensor for their team).
– A2190 Y-extension, to connect two NTC-K temperature sensors, 135 cm.


  • Alfano 6 2T is equipped with 3 GPS systems (unique in the sector): American GPS system – Russian Glonass system – European Galileo system, for a precision of lap times, speed and trajectory never reached before.
  • Power Supply: Lithium-ion battery with USB cable
  • RPM Lead
  • Automatic Track recognition or creation
  • Circuits – Pre Loaded Currently 2527.
  • Bluetooth: PC, Android and iOS
  • Screen: 268 x 128 Pixels
  • Backlight: Brightness sensor with ambient light sensor
  • 6 colour choices for the display
  • Configurable Dash display.
  • Sensor Connections: Magnetic, IR, RPM, 2 Temps, Speed and a BX12 extension for extra sensors.


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